EDITPA with persistMultipleDocEnvelope is false

hello wMUsers,
I have created a default TPA(both sender&receiver are “unknown”) with “persistMultipleDocEnvelope” set to false in order to avoid TN creating business document(for the original document) for the incoming file which has multiple ISA envelopes.

But, even after I specified the above mentioned field in the TPA, TN creates seperate bizdoc for the orginial file.

Did anyone face this problem?.Please share your solution or opinion with me.

Thank you,


That’s the default behavior. When TN receives a file with multiple Envelopes (ISA) in it, it will create one document with the Sender/Receiver as unknown and then split out the individual envelopes with the correct Sender/Receiver identified.



Either restart the server after changing the TPA (or) download and apply “webMethods EDI Module (WmEDIforTN Package) 6.0.1 Fix 11” service pack1. Ensure that Agreement ID for the TPA is “EDITPA”.


Sree Kumar. Kanakamedala