Editing TN Document Types

[SIZE=2]Hello All,
I need to write a flow service/java service to update/edit the TN document type details like the identifying queries and extraction queries. The service, wm.tn.doctype:update updates only the document type id, type name, description and the PreProcessingFlags.

The services wm.tn.doc:updateAttributes and wm.tn.doc:updateSystemAttributes require a BizDocEnvelope as input but I need to update the details using the typeID of the document. I did a small work around but unfortunately it did not work. This is what I tried: I used the wm.tn.doc:createNewEnvelope service to create a BizDocEnvelope and then tried to use wm.tn.doc:updateAttributes and wm.tn.doc:updateSystemAttributes. But later found out that these services require the actual SenderID, ReceiverID etc and not the query associated with it.

PS: I need to do this using Developer services and not directly edit using the TN console.

Any inputs regarding how to go ahead with this is greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot for your help in advance.