Edit gateway endpoint

Hi experts!

Could you please tell me if is it possible to edit “Gateway enpoint” in API Gateway?

Example :
https://:/gateway/ replace by https://:/ws/


Hello Sylvain,
Currently editing gateway endpoints is not supported but it will be possible it in the upcoming versions of Gateway.

We are upgrating CentraSite 9.7 to API Gateway 10.5.

In CentraSite 9.7, we have VS with access URI like this : https://:/ws/

After running upgrade, we can see in CentraSite 10.5 the same VS with acces URI like this https://:/gateway/

Is it a bug?

Hi Experts!

Nobody can help me?

I understand that it’s not possible to change the prefix “/gateway” imposed when publishing to API Gtw.

It’s a real constraint because before using API Gateway you could have an endpoint with prefix “/ws” and after using API Gateway you must change with prefix “/gateway”. All consumers must adapt their endpoint to call correctly our WS.


By setting apig_rest_service_redirect to true in the Extended Settings, API Gateway will be able to automatically redirect /ws calls to /gateway.

API clients will still be able to access the APIs migrated from CentraSite/Mediator using the /ws directive.

Let me know if this helps.




So there is no way to edit endpoint for SOAP services as well? That is very inconvenient :frowning:


Thanks Praveen Kumar Vaidyanathan, with this extended settings we can invoke rest service with /ws in the endpoint.