Publish API from APIGateway to Centrasite

Hi Experts,

I have SAG 10.5 products installed. Need your advise/assistance how to achieve below task.
“Around about 600 API’s (combination of REST & SOAP) are running in APIGateway, Now i have to publish those API’s in the CentraSite for future governance”


I’m positive that GW to CS is not possible, since Governance is enforced from CS to GW.

However, you can publish your services from Designer to CS (GW configuration such as Policies, for those services, i.e., APIs won’t be available).

Alternatively, a manual export from GW to CS should be possible (I’ll admit that I haven’t tested this).

Note - I haven’t worked with CS in a long time, so I welcome any corrections


Thank you Kasi. Where to get the steps (how to do it) export from GW to CS. I know how to export from GW but i don’t know for CS.

Zeeshan, check out page 398 on the Users guide for WSDL import (REST should also be there, but I couldn’t check this clearly since I’m using my phone) and the Command Line Tools section in the Administrators guide. I referred 10.7 documentation.

Tip - Use the Business UI

CS Docs - Software AG Product Documentation - CentraSite


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