Is there a way to automatically publish the apis in the microgateway?

Is there a way to deploy APIs in the microgateway automatically without exporting them and adding theme as archive, as stated in the title?

hi @wetas,
As of now there is no automated way available for it.

Vikash Sharma

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i don’t know if this answer could fit but you could use the --apis option when you start the microgateway. In this way, the apis would be automatically deployed from the APIGateway to the microgateway.
Here an example :
./ start -gw --apis API1,API2,API3 -gwu -gwp

API1, API2 and API3 are the API developed in the APIGateway


Hi @jean-francois.picot ,
Yeah… but if it is already running then we need to stop and start again.
But yeah this work as good work around.

Vikash Sharma

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