API Gateway and Centrasite

Can someone please explain meaning of below statement related to API Gateway?

“Single gateway merging Enterprise Gateway and Mediator capabilities without the need for CentraSite

How API lifecycle management will be done without Centrasite?

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Until 9.12 version, there was 2 products - Enterprise Gateway and Mediator. EG will be performing Threat protection, and Mediator will be performing run-time policy execution. From 10.x version, these two product capabilities are combined into one product called ‘API Gateway’

Until 9.12, when you want to use Mediator (runtime policy enforcement), there was a mandate to use Centrasite (for design time). You cannot have Mediator without Centrasite

From 10.x, this dependency is broker. You can have just the API Gateway if you ONLY want runtime policy execution. Only if you need to manage lifecycle in design time, then you need Centrasite. Otherwise, it is not a mandate.

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