EDIINT receive is not finding the Receiver

Hi All

My http test client is posting EDI x12 810 to EDIINT receive service, TN is parsing my file well but it cannot identify the Receiver.
My 810 has qualifier 08 and id as 9999999999
In my parner profile setup i defined external id type : user defined 1 : 9999999999

When tn processes the EDI 810 it says receiver is unknown. Can anyone please help me.


TN is not recognizing the sender because TN is not getting the matching ID for Qualifier 08.
You need to install the EDI ID Type for the same to make it work.
Pls tell me what is ISA Qualifier 08? as ISA 01 is for DUNS number such that i can help you.

The mappings for EDI qualifiers to external identifier types is described in the webMethods EDI Module: TN Component:

Qualifier 01 = DUNS
Qualifier ZZ = Mutually Defined
Any other qualifier = User Defined 1

So it would appear that Sai has things configured correctly. Sai, can you post the ISA segment for review?

Looks like 08 qualifier means UCC ID. So I think you need to install EDI ID type UCC ID and set that in partner profile with the value ‘999…’
Setting up the value against User Defined will not help.

Hope it helps

Manohar: Is this for 6.0? If not, the only explicitly supported qualifiers for 4.6 and previous are 01 and ZZ.

Sai: What version are you using?

Thanks Manohar, I found that yesterday, It was UCC ID i have to install.
Bob we are using 6.0.1.

It works now.


Thanks for the update Sai. I love it when I learn something new!!!

There is a service in wM 6.0 under WMEDIforTN Package called wm.b2b.editn:ediPartnerIDToTNPartnerID. This service has all the qualifiers that TN can handle when it comes in the EDI document. So if your EDI document doesnt recognize the sender/receiver, then plz lookup in this service to find out why it did not work.

Rob, I am not sure what the equivalent service is wM4.6. Please let me know if you find out more about it.

It’s the same service. But 4.6 doesn’t have the facility to add new mappings from EDI qualifiers to external ID types. The only recourse is to modify the service, which isn’t too risky as it is very short and simple.

Hi Guys,

This is a very interesting thread. I just have one question for you gurus. When I receive multiple ISA segments in the EDI payload, and with submit payload for processing selected in WmEDIforTN homepage, I get all the EDI ISA and Transaction sets on TN COnsole. But the problem is at the end, I also get another record on TN Console which reads Sender=‘Unknown’ , Receiver=‘Unknown’, DocType= X12 Envelop. This Envelop is nothing but all the ISA Envelops put together(The way I get the data in the initial POST call).
I had seen the same issue with 4.6 now it’s with 6.0.1 too. Have you guys faced same problem?

Please letme know
Mehul Parikh