webMethods EDI Package does not provide support for EDIFACT documents 90.1.

How one can process such a format, if it is not supported as built-in by webMethods?


I have exactly the same problem with 91.1 EDIFACT INVOIC.
Here’s how I’m solving the problem.
I will create the my INVOIC as 92.1 (earliest version wm supports) and send it to TN. Then in my FTP service to the VAN I will flip all 92.1 to 91.1 and then continue the FTP to the VAN.
I order to do this you need to verify that the segments used in the transactions sets are the same between versions. If that hold true then you should be home free.

I’m currently in the process of doing this so I haven’t tested it yet but I can not see any reason why this would not work. Everything in TN will say 92.1. If you have other 92.1 docs then you will need to pick a another substitute version for yoru 90.1 docs so as not to cause confusion or let your service decipher by version (92.1) and receiver ID.

I should be testing this my end of week or early next week. If it fails I will post a follow up.

Hi Chris,

My issue is not for outbound, but inbound. The data is going land up directly into my TN as 90.1. (There is no custom receive possible in my case, as I am using OFTP GFA Adapter to connect to the partner).

the TN recognizes the edifact envelop with sender and receiver, but it does not recognize the document nor the senders/receivers.

Here are some options that wm gave me.

  1. Get your partner to upgrade!
  2. Hire wm professional services to create to the doc types for you. They did want to give me the steps to create it.

Good Luck!

Chirag / Chris,

I wanted to check if your problem regarding EDI Versions 91.1 and 90.1 was resolved?

We have a client with similar problems and wanted to double check with you how to solve this issue.

Also, do the latest versions (6.5, 7.0) support EDI EDIFACT 91.1 version? Please let me know.