How to create template in 46 for EDIFACT 901

I couldnot find template and schema for EDIFACT 90.1 on webmethods product download site. For creating template I need xml file or sef file . Can somebody guide me from where to get theses files?


u can find sefs here…

Hi Ramkrishna,
thanks for info but there is no sef for EDIFACT 90.1

You have to use a tool like EDIFECS or EDISIM to create the SEF but you still won’t have the Doc type and will have to treat it as a flat file.
Or if the segments you will be receiving are the same as another EDIFACT version that wm supports flip the version number in the header to the supported version in a pre-process service and all will be well.
I choose to do that for an outbound 90.1 version.