EDI from TN

I am using processing rule in TN to process EDI document. Suppose the EDI data submitted to TN has 10 ST documents, I get 10 records in TN transaction analysis for that document and each time it calls the service specified in TN’ action tab of processing rule.now I want to call an adapter service which when invoked 1st time doesnot take input for batchnumber but gives output batchnumber. and for other ST excepting first, I want to use this o/p batch number as input for that adapter service. if the service had got entire edidata, i can do a loop over ST doc list which is not the case while using TN. any help on this. thanks.

To get the entire Data instead of individual ST’s, you have to set the TPA’s splitOption to Envelope. By default it is set to Transaction meaning upon receiving EDI Document TN will split them into individual transactions.

To modify the TPA

TPA’s can be modified using Trading Networks Console. The parameter to modify is “splitOption”