Processing EDI through TN


I have a process that uses routeXML to send an inbound 810 file (edidata) to TN. When TN receives the edidata it recognizes the document type and my processing rule. It then takes the data and translates it to the flat file format that I need. The questions I have is that when TN processes the file it processes each ST segment seperately. If the file comes in with 80 ST segments then it processes them all individually. It kicks of the rule 80 times. Is there a way that TN can process the document as one so that when routeXML is used TN processes the file once and my rule is only run once? Are there attributes/settings that can be changed?


Try setting your rule to trigger on the envelope not on the document. Look at the example int he EDISamples package to see how they did it.
Doing it this way means you have to be more concious of file size and you have may to configure LargeDoc handling.

I could not find the example in the EDISamples package. Could you please point me in the right direction.


Basically your should define the TN rule by selecting doctype X12 Envelope instead of X12 810 set or define EDITPA for Envelope/Group level processing,so this way TN will process “editn_env” variable will be in the pipeline with bizdoc,so you will have all ISA/GS/ST(80 sets) ten loop thru ST’s and map to your flatfile as expected.

Please go thru the webMethods EDI Module Users Guide for envelope or Group level processing using EDI TPA per sender/receiver TPA functionality or create rule with Envelope doctype criteria,but still you will see X12 810 80 documents persisted in TN.


I have installed TN document type for Ansi X12 3060 830 using Admin page. When I send 830 datafile to TN, it doesn’t recognise it( of a particular document type). I could convert same file to document(convertToValues) using schema for X12 3060 830 which indicates that datafile is without errors. What could be the reason for TN not recognising.Reply awaited badly as delivery is approaching and this error needs to be solved.

Thanks in advance.


What is the error in the TN Activitylog?? Please give us more information to assist you in better.

After you convertToString(creates 830 ST data) step,make sure you addICEnvelope (to wrap ISA,GS segments with sender/receiver,mandatory information) and finally route edidata to TN


No activity log is getting created. can u pls give me the steps to send edi doc to tn so that i can verify whether i m going right.


These are the basic steps used for creating outbound EDI doc

wm.b2b.edi:convertToString(creates ST data string based on the EDIFFSchema)
wm.b2b.edi.util:addICEnvelope(wraps ISA,GS envelopes and map OutDocument[0] to edidata) edidata to node or just leave it in the pipeline)routes to TN

Please go thru the EDIModuleCoreUserguide or see WmEDISamples package for more information.