Duplicate logs while rolling back for LOCAL_TRANSACTION


I am facing a strange issue that Service is logged two times in case of transient error.


Reading message from topic(local transaction) and publishing to a topic(local transaction). While publishing message if there is any transient error. The IS will be suspending the trigger and rolling back as this is using local transaction. But i could see logs two times as below.

—>Received message
—>Transient happened
—>Suspending trigger
—>Received message
—>Transient happened
—>Suspending trigger

Trigger properties:
I am using implicit local transaction, in trigger processing mode - Concurrent, threadCount-10. Transient error handling - Suspend and Recover only.

Can anyone help on this issue, why it is logging two times?

Hi Venkat,

please provide your wM Version and FixLevels.

Please check for missing fixes as if I remember right, there was recently one dealing with duplicate logging.


We are using version 9.9 both IS and UM. We have not applied any fix as well.