Local Transaction and NO Transaction

Hi Team,

I wanted to understand if the local transaction can be used as NO Transaction and vice versa.

If i have created Local Txn and i am not using rollback transaction service , will this work as No transaction.

Also, if I have created NO txn, and i use rollback transaction service. Will this work?

Thoughts please.


Keep it simple,

SELECT - Use No Tx

INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, MERGE - Use Local Tx so that you have the leverage to either commit/rollback the transaction set.

Refer JDBC guide for more details.

If you have any implications in your code, do let us know.


Hi Mahesh,

Thanks for your reply.

I wanted to know what if i will use No txn but still giving the rollback for some insert operations.

Can this be done?



Rollback scenario only work if you have the JDBC connection configured as LOCAL_TRANSACATION and also you can set/define the explicitly set/commit/rollback art Transaction services in your flow try/catch blocks.


Hi RMG and others,

I have an issue that I am facing currently. I am connecting to a HANA database which is LOCAL_TRANSACTION. we have setup this as LOCAL_TRANSACTION since it supports “batchInsert”.

Now, when we are trying to process the data. we have 4 tables.

  1. we insert some basic info ( insert statement )
  2. we insert into process control table ( insert statement )
  3. BatchInsert actual data into main table.
  4. Update the same main table with 2 other colums. ( update statement )
  5. Update the process control table to success.

Now, we are getting errors like " Error occurred while closing connections" (or) Unable to connect to resource…The resource is already being used in the parent transaction.

I am using explicity start, commit and rollback transactions for all the above tables. is there any missing. I am new to these database transactions. Any help is much appreciated.

Thank you.

Share your code/flow screenshot, this error happends if the transaction boundary is not correctly handled. Refer http://techcommunity.softwareag.com/ecosystem/documentation/webmethods/adapters_estandards/Adapters/JDBC/JDBC_9-10/9-10_Adapter_for_JDBC_Install_and_Users_Guide.pdf

Read chap. 13 “Built-In Transaction Management Services”

Hi Kumar,

Yes I too believe that some issue in the code where the parent/sub-services being handled by the transactional logic with start/commit/rollback being called… Please evaluate and check it more closely as some times this kind issues will resolve by troubleshooting exercise.


some where in the flow u have adapter using Local connection which implicitly creates transaction and now u r trying to create a txn on same connection. So you got the failure
Implicit txn boundary can be flow or completion of thread also.

Please check the value for the Statless Property for all services, I guess all should be set as “False” to use the transaction feature