Transaction Error- Its Urgent

Hi Team,

We are using NO_Transaction as the Transaction type.

But start and commit transaction has also been used.

We are getting the error Unable to connect to resource UOConnection.JDBC:ABCDB. The resource is already being used in a parent transaction.

Can you please advise on this?

Shall we use Local_Transaction to avoid this?

Thanks in advance

Hi Priyanka,

when using Connections with NO_TRANSACTION startTransaction and commitTransaction are not neccessary.
This will be handled internally by the JDBC Adapter.

You can consider to switch to LOCAL_TRANSACTION instead, which can be used with or without explicitly using startTransaction and commitTransaction.

See JDBC Adapter Install and Users Guide, Appendix C for further informations about Transaction Handling.


Deleted by user.

Hi Holger,

Sure will change it.

But could be this the reason of error?


Yes possible and please try with LOCAL_TRANSACTION and that could make a difference.