Dsp pages on Reverse Invoke server

I have a dsp application that works fine on the back-end IS4.6 server.
I can access thru the RI server, and and everything on the page is fine including style and script operations, but I do not see any of the images, ie I do not have the .gif on the RI server, therefore am not displaying it thru the ‘img src=’
How do I pass these through, or where should I place the .gifs on the RI server?


Please follow this post for how to retrieve the images (gif or jpeg) from WM server.It might be helpful.



I have a series of .dsp pages. These are run across a Reverse invoke server and they operate correctly.

APART FROM if the user presses the back arrow in the browser, they then see the source of the .dsp, if they click on Go (IE) then it renders it properly. This is the same on every page, and users use back alot.

The page works fine with back on the internal server.

Any ideas?