Download Universal Messaging Enterprise Manager 10.7


Where can I find Universal Messaging Enterprise Manager 10.7?

I’ve searched for it everywhere, but I can’t find an image 10.7 it install it.

Can you please help?

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You need to use installer to install enterprise manager. It is located below Universal Messaging Server. You can also create your own image using installer.

Hello Engin SARLAK,

Thank you for response.

Do you know where to download the version 10.7 image?
I can find only v_10.15 and v_11.0


You are searching for something does not exist. SoftwareAG installer can install products, and it can create installation images. You don’t download images, you create them. Unless you are talking about docker images, its the process you do whenever you need to install a product. The very same installer you use for installing 10.7, 10.15, 10.11 will create it for you. Just read the documentation.



I think that Gilberto is referring to the free trial images, which are pre-created by SAG and come with a one-year free trial license.
These are currently only available for 10.15 (latest version for the 10.x branch) and 11.0 (first version for 11.x branch).
Free trial images are always only availbale for the latest releases.

@Gilberto: Can you please explain why you are looking for the 10.7 version explicitly?
Why not considering upgrading to 10.15 instead?


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Thank you for help.

I’m looking for EM 10.7 to be ale to connect to the UM 10.7.
But I’ve already got this image…

Thanks for clarifying me @Holger_von_Thomsen