How to install Webmethods 10.1 on unix box

Hi All ,

Need your help on how should i install Wenmethods 10.1 on unix server .

I know one method of installing it using jar file :
I have sofwareAginstaller.jar file , i want to have image of webmenthods 10.1 . Any idea from where I can get the image file .

Is there any another way ?


Hi Rohan,

depending on if the unix box has Internet access or not you use the installer.jar to create an image for unix.

If your unix box does not have internet access you can create the image on another box but remember to select to correct target OS on which the image will be installed.

After creation of the image transfer the image together with the installer to the target box.

Remember to do same via UpdateManager to create an image for the fixes and transfer this too.

Which components can be downloaded to the image depends on which ones have been licensed to you/your company.



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