Does invoking EXIT with failure status always write to the error log?

I am using try/catch blocks in my flow. I need to throw an exception using an EXIT with failure status to enter the catch block under certain conditions (business data inconsistency for example).

The customer has stated that when I do this, it is writing to the error log, and he does not want that to happen.

I am also placing an error message in the error message field of the EXIT. If I remove that text, will it stop anthing appearing in the error log? If not, is there any way I can use an EXIT with failure and not generate an entry in the error log?

AFAIK, any error that is raised (with text or not) will create an entry in the error log. What is the specific concern the customer has?

Hi batton,

I tried what you have said in your post …

I am not getting anything in error/server log when I do exit on failure from $parent.