Does free version of oracle work with wM?

Just try to confirm I can use Oracle 10g Express Edition as the wM7.1 database for local development purpose.

Yes. The default instance (SID) is “XE” port 1521. Use the new database component installer to create the objects for the WM products you plan to use.


Thanks ,Mark.
Do I still need to create two tablespace “WEBMDATA”&“WEBMINDX” manually,before I can use the new database component installer to create the objects?

No, if you run the dbConfiguratorUI.bat|sh there will be a checkbox to create the tablespaces. That shell script should be located in your webm_home\common\db\bin folder.

Thanks Mark

After I created the objects by selecting “Database Component:ALL” from webMethods DB Component Configurator, I can fire up IS and MWS now.
But I am facing some problems like missing a few default packages,such as WmMonitor, WmDeployer etc.

The major issue I have with my wM71 installation are as follow:

1, I can’t run setup.bat under \MetadataLibrary\mlivp to initilize metadata library, getting error “Exception in thread “main” java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: C:\webMethods71\jvm\win150\bin\java” when try to run C:\webMethods71\MetadataLibrary\mlivp>setup.bat

2,Going to WMS–>Monitoring, there is alway a problem complaining about “Error executing search. Verify the Analytic Engine settings at Administration → My webMethods → System Settings.”

Hi Mark/Allen,

im also facing the second problem ie., “Verify the Analytic Engine settings” in WMS
i tried looking in Docs… but i probably missed it…

Thanks in advance for the help to resolve this