Does change in structure changes the mapping in mapping in business connectors?

Hi All,

I have a scenario developed in SAP BC . Now, the IDOC structure has been changed which i used in my scenario. Does this modified structure changes the mapping ,when i import to SAP Business Connectors again?

What is the solution for this? Is there any another way to import the changed definition which allows me to do the changes in the mapping i wanted to do rather than developing the mapping again from the scratch?

Looking forward for a quick reply.


Its all depends on how the structure was changed…once you analyze/reload the IDOC schemas only then you can decide changes to the mapping will need or not.If the IDOC extended with certain fields or segments that were not being used in the current mapping it won’t break the mappings already done unless the existing elements renamed/looping changed etc…then you have to explicitly relink/adjust the mapping…So take a deep look at the structure and make sure record reference itself not changed and perform the mapping changes for the newly added/changed segment/fields accordingly.