document transformation in TN

I need help to understand if TN is suited for in a new scenario.

Division A creates and post to TN a document (PO in XML Format A). We need this PO to be forwarded to another division that it’s using a different format (FF/TXT).

Usually I would propose a receiver service on IS that will listen for the file, save it, transform document in txt and use http post to deliver it to division B.

But I need to use TN.

I already setup two Profiles (division A e division B) plus a processing rule based on XML Format A…

Could you give me some advice?

Thank you

1)First create a TN document Type for the document that you are routing to TN. Extract
senderID, RecevierID field from the document.
2) Create a processing rule for this document type. The processing action of this processing rule would invoke the service which would get the document from TN and then would tranform the document into the target format.

  1. (continued) Create a TN doc type that defines the FF document.
  2. (continued) Submit the resulting document (the flat file) back to TN for processing.
  3. Create a processing rule for the FF document type. The processing action would be to deliver the document, either via the profile’s preferred delivery mechanism or a specific delivery mechanism specified in the rule (which might be a custom delivery method if you need such a facility.

The benefit of submitting the resulting FF document to TN is for logging and tracking, and to take advantage of the reliable delivery mechanism (retries, logging, etc.) of TN.