Doc type sync service exists

Within webMethods 6x, when you want to synchronize IS and broker documents, you need to manually do it via Developer.

Considering deployment on production environment, manual actions via developer are not very recomanded. Thus, I am looking for a service that push/ull documents to/from broker that I could call via a script or flow in order to completely automate deployment.

As far as I know that part of the webMethods API is not documented.
Does anyone knows which method to call ?


Hi Mathieu,
as far as your question regarding the service is concerned, I see in WmRoot package,; this service returns all the documents currently out of sync;

based on the output, and their syncState (status and source) you need to push to/pull from the broker.

since it is service in WmRoot package, it is undocumented and not a preferred approach to automate… but I am sure this will lead to a solution for you…