Sync Documents to UM


I have a doubt if the “Sync Document Types” property of packages in Deployer concerns webMethods Broker only or Universal Messaging as well.

The Deployer documentation speaks about webMethods Broker only.

Can you please help on this point ?

Thanks in advance.

It should also synchronize documents defined in the UM.


Thanks for your response.
I’m using webMethods 9.12 by the way.

I think that the weMethods Deployer documentation is not clear on this point (see below):

Sync Document Types Whether Deployer should synchronize
the publishable IS document types in the
source package with documents types on the
webMethods Brokers that are connected to the
target Integration Servers.
Note: The connected webMethods Brokers
must be available at deployment time for
synchronization to occur. If a connected
webMethods Broker is not available, IS
document types are not synchronized for the
Integration Server to which the webMethods
Broker is connected. Deployer writes a
message to that effect to the deployment
report. Deployer can detect webMethods
Broker unavailability when you generate the
simulation report and will write a message
advising you of the problem to the report.


He-he, we were also not 100% sure whether the docs are synchronized and called the doc synchronization service excplicitly as part of our automated deployment routine (after the deployer itself finished its work).


We are actually doing the same : calling document sync service after deployment.
This is what I want to avoid if Deployer is able to do the sync to UM by itself.

I hope someone can confirm or not this behavior.


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Our experience has taught us to not trust in the deployer. Hence we do many things around the core deployment (some before and some after). Among them is the document type sync.

This message confirms it IMO: UM assets deployment - #7 by wayne.leishman.20059. But we still do the actions since we had problems with only the deployer.