Sync documents to Broker

Hi All,

I need to sync documemts to Broker in PROD. I know we can do that from Developer , but i dont have access to PROD .

Is there a way where i can sync docs to Broker from MWS or IS ??

Sudheer Martha.

In the interest of all things open-source, though it’s capability is free, it’s real benefit is a free education :rolleyes:

This is for IS 8.2, not tested on other versions but may/should still work.
Hope this helps mate, (8.69 KB)

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Hi All,

Thanks for your reply but iam really sorry to say that this is not working.
I see that we need to use the following service “wm.server.ed:syncToBroker” to sync the documents to broker which is in WmRoot package.
Please find the details what iam trying to do,

Step 1 : I created a document with 2 fields str1 , str2 and made the document publishable and syn’d to broker. (document name = test)
Step 2 : I change field property “Required”= false for str1. (Now the document is updated locally i.e Not insync with broker)
Step 3 : I ran the service wm.server.ed:syncToBroker by giving the following inputs,
nsName = test
overwrite = true
Step 4 : After refreshing the session in developer , i see that the field property for str1 is reverted back to “true”.
Step 5 : When i check the document in MWS , i see that the “LastModified” is not getting updated.

When i sync document through Developer i see that the field property is getting changed i.e to Required = false and even LastModified is gettinng updated in MWS.

Could you please check once and let me know if iam missing anything.

Currently we are using webMethods 7.1.3 and Java version : 1.6.0_27

Sudheer Martha.

wm.server.ed:syncToBroker works on a push/pull bi-directional sync, newest overwriting oldest. If the doc has been modified on the broker, ie through My webMethods, then it will be the newest version of the document. So when editing in developer, it’d be overwritten by the broker version when running wm.server.ed:syncToBroker. To push a doc to broker regardless of newest versions, use wm.server.ed:submit, input nsName being the fully-qualified namespace name of the doc.

broker document sync syncronization in production env should be a part of deployment process. If you deploy your packages using webMethods deployer, then deployer should take care of this automatically