Disable logs for XOP or bytes type


The IS server logs all the inbound and outbound call of our WS.
But since 2-3 weeks we start to implement some Web service with attachment some using XOPObject and others using bytes.
The problem is that all bytes/XOPObject are present in logs and it’s causing the logs to gain too much weight (adding weight of each attachments).

Is there a way to ignore those bytes/XOPObject in logs?

Thanks for your help.

If you are logging the IB/OB soap calls to Server.log then you have to turn of the same for the XOP object and log these data into another custom log files.

Also, check IS logging settings if you have any option to manage this.

Other option is to archive/zip/tar the server.log at 23:59 hours everyday via script to save disk space.

In Server Logger Configuration, 0088 SOAP logging level is Debug.

Is there no way to disable logs for those type of Objects in SOAP call?

In Prod servers, logging should not be set to Debug mode as it writes more information to the logs. I do not think of any other option to disable logs for XOP objects.