DevOPS - Local Service Development - Question on BPM / TN Development


We’re trying to setup local service development environment and establish CI / CD for our customer, and curious about the other supporting webMethods components like External DB, MWS, trading networks, Pub-Sub using UM and the corresponding IS Services etc.

Do we need to install the local service development environment on each developer work station, which is a clone of the distributed development server? Or, is there a way to keep it light weight?

In our specific case, we are using “pub.prt.log:logActivityMessages” service to log custom service log messages into MWS, as an alternative logging solution, we don’t have External DB / JDBC Pools / MWS configured locally and wondering, what are different solutions, we can go with.




You can create a mock for this service in the local development mode.

Hi Siva,

yes, you’ll need to install local service development on each developer workstation - this is not required but recommended to allow developers developing and sharing code distributed and autonomously.

WmTestSuite allows you to mock up any IS Service - therefore you can also mock up pub.prt.log:logActivityMessages in your specific test case and for example write the given pipeline information to a local file and write a custom assertion routine which checks the local file right after your test service was called.

However, mocking up all non-core IS components (e.g. TN, UM, etc) can be very time-consuming and error-prone (in some cases a simple pipeline restore will not work anyhow) - I would always recommend to have a developer workstation setup which includes all of your required components and invest more time in setting up developer workstations in an automated fashion (for example using the AutoSetup feature of the GCS’s WxConfig package in order to setup Triggers, JMS Topics, Schedulers, etc.) in your local development environment.

Hope this helps,


Hi Siva,

please note that “pub.prt.log:logActivityMessages” is not using the MWS-JDBC-Pool, but uses the ProcessAudit pool.

MWS Pool is used by the Central User Management function to enable users defiend in the MWS to log in to the IS.