Development Training for EDI

Since I am new to this product, Can someone give me some direction as to what Webmethods training, or documentation I will need to succesfully Develop EDI mapping documents. My only experience on this product is on the SAP Buisness Connector Server for administrator purposes (Set up of users, Package Management, etc…)

Any suggestions would be appreciated

EDI materials are part of the larger curriculum plan for our future products, but not available in the near future. The Business Integrator for Developers course is good to take since it teaches Trading Networks which is the basis for EDI usage. If you are interested in registering for training, please go to --> Services–>Education–> Course Catalog–> North America. If you need any assistance with the process, please feel free to contact Deanna Neider @ or 614.888.2444 ext. 231. If you have any questions, please contact me.

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Deanna Neider
Training Coordinator for webMethods
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