Developer : Missing Flat File Plugin

Hi all,

i installed developer 6.1 on my machine, but i am missing the flat file plugin??

Support info:
Developer Environment Settings:
Version: 6.1 (132)
Updates: ID_6-1_SP2;mfapi61
SSL: Strong (128-bit)
java Version: 1.4.2 (48.0)
Java Vendor: Sun Microsystems Inc.

Any ideas? I do not see it in the installer?

Thanks, Rob

I had the same problem despite the fact that the plugins existed in the ‘plugins’ directory (C:\wm65\Developer\plugins).

What had happened was that I renamed the installation directory, changed the name in the ‘developer.bat’ file but forgot to change it in the plugins ‘ini.cnf’ file.

Then when I started Developer, it couldn’t find the plugins that were specified in the ‘ini.cnf’ file and so removed them from the ‘ini.cnf’ file.

The contents of the ‘ini.cnf’ file should look something like this (all on the one line):


Hi jimcall,

Today i faced same issue.
so i tried with, what you said.

But i’m not able to resolve the flat-file plug-in issue …!
Is there anything else i need to do, to resolve this issue

Thanks in advance

Thanks and Regards,
Punith Reddy.T