Developer color scheme

Anyone know of way to change the colors used in Developer 6.1? The only thing I want/need to change is the tree item and flow step selection colors. Black text on a dark blue field is near impossible to read. All the other colors are fine.

I’m expereincing the same issue did you find any info about this?

Changing the Windows color scheme from XP Silver to XP Olive changed the selection to white text on blue. Definitely better, but not the Windows color scheme that I want. :frowning: I’m going to toy around with the color setting some more.

The blue background appears to be controlled within the app itself (Swing LAF maybe). The foreground color is controlled by the Windows Display Properties. On the Appearance tab, select Advanced. In the Item pick list select “Selected Items”. Set the font color as desired and restart Developer to see the change. You might want to change the “Selected Items” background too to make things look okay in the rest of your apps.

perfect it…it worked…thanks for the input


I tried this and it still dosent work…
I am using v6.5… does that make a difference??

You can’t change the background of Selected Items, only the font color. Change the font color to white and restart Developer. I tested this out on Developer 6.5 and the change was reflected.

That worked!!

Thankyou very much…

Thanks a lot for this input… This was troubling me for quite some time… :slight_smile: