Developer 62 doesenbt show LOGIN box


I have this very weird problem since y’day. While executing some service, the developer froze. I closed and re-opened the developer GUI. The navigation, recent elements, properties and results panels show up, menu bar is visible, BUT LOGIN BOX DOESEN’T APPEAR.

I have tried several things including -
un install developer, restart system, install developer again and restart system. I still cant get the LOGIN session box to come up.

Can someone suggest me on this? I would really appreaciate it.


This seems to be a developer memory issue just try to increase the Developer java heap edit the Developer/bin/developer.bat and increase the Min/Max JVM setting.

Finally restart the developer to make changes into effect.



I had and soloved this problem. The problem appears because this file was empty C:\webMethods6\Developer\config\servers.xml. Somehow the information inside disappear. Stop developer. Add XML below in this file and start developer again. Data in below example are false. You can edit this data from: Developer menu: tools\Options. Go to Servers choice from tree on the left and edit entries there.