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We are currently on 9.10 webMethods. We are currently trying out Automatic build and deployment.
We have Git Plugin installed on Designer. We are not able to do check-in check-out from Git to designer as we are not getting the option "Create Local Service Development’ when we click on packages.
Attaching the latest Fix details on Designer.

Please suggest.

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Did you install Local Service Development plugin for Designer (Workstation local service development feature)?

– Ensure that the wa?.server.ns.lockingMode parameter is set to system on the Integration Server used as the local development server.

– Ensure that the VCS Integration feature is not configured on the local development server.

– For other details refer “Prerequisites” From service development help guide.

Thanks Mahesh for your reply.

I’m able to get option ‘LocalServiceDevelopment’ now but not able to commit to Git repository.
I have cloned the git repo on designer . URL which i have used is -
Attaching the screenshot of designer and the error which is popping out.
Please suggest


Hi Monica,

what is the detailed Exception description?

Eventually this might help in analysis.

Share the complete error details. Also there are some articles on here. Refer the link:

Thanks Holger and Mahesh for the responses.

We need to delete index.lock file which was preventing for commit.
After deleting I was able to commit.
I refereed the link -


Glad to hear issue is resolved :slight_smile:

Thanks for updating back with the resolution in the thread!!

Hi All,

Can anybody suggest how do we do a check-out from Git repo through designer .
I tried both the option - ‘pull’ and ‘fetch upstream’ but getting the message as “No ref to fetch from testabe.git - origin - everything up to date.”
Attached screenshot for reference.


Hi Monica,

We are also trying to set up the automatic deployment using GIT and Jenkins.

We are not using the local development using designer workstation.

We connect to server using designer at the local machine.

Can we still use the check in and checkout options for GIT from designer or do we need to use the GIT client for the same.


Hi Amit,

We need designer workstation to create local service development.
Then we can use GIT client to check-in and check -out.


Hi Monica,

Try using the following tutorial -

Hi Monica,

For CI take a look at this: GitHub - SoftwareAG/sagdevops-ci-assets: Software AG DevOps library to support assets CI (continuous integration) with webMethods 9.x and 10.0. Work together with

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