Designer & Git. Import projects do not appear in Package navigator


Followed all the steps in these documents regarding cloning repo, adding to package explorer. I had success on another computer but not my machine

On my machine when I clone and then attempt ‘move Project to IS package’ from pkg explorer it does not appear in my local IS pkg navigator in designer.
Any thoughts?

I should mention, there is nothing reported in the ‘Problems’ area of designer/eclipse

Check 5555 -> Packages -> Management, if the package is there.
If yes, then enable it. If the package cant be enabled, then you will see an error. something like: The package ABC cant be enabled, because it needs the package DEF… Then add first the dependency package.

Thanks Martin,
This pkg has no dependencies, its just a basic single flow server to test the funcionality.
Additional details, it was working fine upto the point i tried to create a local IS instance with docker. The docker image failed to pull from the wM repo. From then when starting up the local IS it had a similar name to ‘docker.internal’ . Since then the connection btw designer git and local IS seems to be broken.