Designer error on the latest fix (8.2 SP1 plug-in version:


I am asking if anyone has been having the same problem I found on the latest fix of the wM Designer in the Service Development plug-in.

No editor (flow on tree or layout, documents, web services, adapters) is synchronized with the Properties view, that is, we you select any element in the editor, the Properties view should immediately show its properties.

But that only happens on the Outline view.

The previous Designer version (also 8.2 SP1 but from April) behaved correctly.

Do you experience the same problem? Have you found a workaround?

Right now I have to keep switching from the Editor and the Outline for every little modification… :frowning:

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I have the same Designer Service Development version in my pc, but i dont encounter the problem you had there.

I think you can try to restore to default setting for Designer. You can do so by deleting the workspace folder for designer.
Close designer before you try to delete the workspace folder(you can make a backup for the folder, just in case you want to restore back). Usually the workspace folder is in “C:\Documents and Settings<username>\workspace82” if you are in Windows XP.

Hope it help.


Thanks but it did not work.

I am trying a new install from an install image just created to see if the problem was the fact the Designer was updated from the Eclipse interface.

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New fresh install of works fine.
Service development
Designer and ARIS Integration

So basically one of the latest over-the-wire updates caused my problem.

Working with the extra plugins:

Subversive SVN Connectors from

  • Subversive SVN Connectors
  • SVNKit 1.3.5 for SVN 1.6.15

Subversive Revision Graph (from the Helios – Helios Software Repository repository already defined).

Michael Scharf’s Fullscreen plug-in from gr.scharf.fullscreen-update

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