Designer 9.7 to CentraSite CE 9.5

Running Designer v9.7 and attempting to connect to CentraSite CE v9.5. Getting message:

“Trying to connect to old server which is not compatible with this version of Eclipse plugins!”

Is there a version of CentraSite CE that is compatible? I submitted a request for CentraSite CE download two weeks ago using the web form and haven’t heard anything back.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Tom,

please check this thread:

It is dealing with a similar issue.


Hi Holger,

thank you for the reply. I did see that post last week but it doesn’t state whether or not there is a newer version of CentraSite CE [Community Edition]. The download link I have is for CentraSite CE 9.5. Unfortunately, I’m unable to find a good contact to get any information on more recent versions and using the “Request Form” on the Centra Site CE TechCommunity site seems to have gone unanswered for weeks now.

I’m hoping someone here in the TechCommunity can provide some further information.

Thanks again,

Hi Tom,
we will be updating the site with a most recent version of CentraSite shortly.
Thank you for your patience.