Is Tamino X-Plorer 9.7 compatible with CentraSite v10.0?

Hi I have upgraded CentraSite to version 10.0 and was looking to use Tamino X-Plorer 9.7, as this does not seem to have been updated to a later version, my assumption is that it still should work alongside CS.

However, when attempting to connect Tamino X-Plorer 9.7 to CentraSite version 10.0 I am seeing this error: [color=red]Database Connection error: Could not rerieve the message code TAJCNE0201 Connection refused: connect
I am using the following parameters to connect:
server =
Database = CentraSite

so, yes, in this instance, my Centrasite v10.0 and Tamino are installed on the same development server.

I currently have Centrasite installed in test and production at version 9.7 and Tamino X-Plorer 9.7 CAN connect to both of those environments, when using their relevant connection details.

does something change in CentraSite version 10.0 that prevents Tamino from connecting?

Ok - I have found a simple answer to this - the port used in version 10.0 changes to 53307.

(In fact this changed in CS v9.12)