Designer 9.6 - Starting Issues

Hi Team,

I’ve installed wM product suite 9.6 on my machine. IS & MWS up.
Problem - While starting Designer, Designer opens in an unwanted manner. PFA screenshots for reference.

Your help is needed.

There might be some issues during the installation of designer. Check the install logs.

As per the screen shots, go to Windows → Open Perspective select Service Development.

More questions, let me know.

After the Desginer install, did you configure the IntegrationServers via Preferences–>Software AG–>Integration Services for the ServiceDevelopment Package Navigator to show up the list?




Are you still having the issue with SAG designer?

I think you didn’t configure the integrationservers via preferences–>software ag–>integration services for the servicedevelopment package navigator. I had the similar problem with wM product suite 9.6. You should check it.