Deployment of packages in Integration server console

Hi buddy,

Can an one please tel me how to copy one particular package (zip file) from INBOUND folder to IS console (Insall inbound releases) in WINDOWS SERVER?

Attached the screenshot.

pckg deploy.doc (326 KB)

Put file .zip file in replicate/inbound directory on your IS file system (Windows).


Open IS go to Packages > Management > Install Inbound Releases

The package u showed (attachment) in inbound folder already existed in Admin console (Packages List).

Is your issue resolved?

@ Akash…

Are you sure that the package shown in the attachment is in replicate/inbound folder…? Do you bet :lol: :lol:

Lakshmi : Did you perform steps given by Mahesh ?
Is everything green ?

Kindly share if you still face any issues in this regard.