Deploying custom pages


Trying to figure out how to deploy users home page settings.

Log in to MWS
Click create new page call it “My custom items”
Go to MWS -> Administration -> Users. Click the add to home page icon and put it in “My custom items”

Now in WmDeployer I have created a connection to MWS with user Sysadmin. Changed the root folder to folder.root (Also tried folder.users). Also set caching to 0 to disable it.

In WmDeployer I can see the item Pages\Folders\Users<username’s root folder>
-My Folders
-My custom items

However when I deploy the user, group, roles and pages the drop down on the “Home Page” of MWS does not contain “My Custom Items”.

The question is how does one deploy custom pages? Don’t want to manually set up each users page in each environment.

Advantage also explains my issue. But it does not work, at least not in the environment here

Posting reply rather than editing the post for clarity.
The above actually does work just fine.

The issue faced by me was that I ended up with two identical users under folder.users
, where one indeed had all items correctly deployed. But it was not the user I reached when using to log on to MWS.

This was only visible through Designer’s MWS browser pane.

If someone else faces the problem described above I did the following to resolve it.

  1. Deleted the user from MWS -> Administration -> User (not through designer tool)
  2. Refreshed designer’s mws browser view. Both instanced got removed.
  3. Hit deploy in wmdeployer, same set as earlier.
    -Containing: Users, Groups, Roles, Pages

I haven’t determined what failed, but I know how to fix it now.