EForms Deployment Issues


I am trying to deploy EForms on MWS 8.0 (Windows).But am facing issues while deploying. The error which i get is :
Error deploying logical server type “E-forms Server v8.0.0.0 (ID:41)” version “” to host “XXX.XX.XXX.XXX”
Deployment Error: com.wm.app.b2b.server.PortAccessException: [ISS.0084.9101] Access Denied
One or more of the following configurations could not be deployed

System Identity
System Endpoint Registry
Configuration type “E-forms Configuration” version “”

Deployment of environment “EForm Environment” FAILED due to errors. Note that one or more logical servers may have been successfully deployed. The most common deployment failure is that the component was not started on the host specified in the logical to physical server mapping or was unreachable during deployment.

I have Administrator rights & have also logged in as Administrator.The Port used is 7555, is that the source of issue. If yes how can i resolve this?

Any assistance to resolve this is highly appreciated.


Did you also try with sysadmin user? just a wild guess never dealt with E-forms…

As per the eForms deployment pdf. It says we should click “Deploy All” but we get the above error, when i used the other available option “Deploy to File” it is successfully deployed.


Once you configure the Environment… restart the MWS as IS …deploy by clicking the green Arrw on the left and click Deploy Updates… U will be fine :slight_smile:


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