deploying a war file

The documentation is great for creating a WAR file (of a project), but I am not sure how to deploy the WAR file to another instance of Jboss/NJX.

I made things work in a round about way (copied the file folder and subdirectories to the new instance of Jboss/NJX). That seems to work ok, but I don’t think that this is the best way to do things

Should I be using ANT to deploy the WAR file or some other method?

There are actually 3 steps when packaging + deploying a .war file for/to a production environment:

  1. Decide which components you would like to deploy. For instance which User Interface Components you would like to include. You probably don’t want to include the NJXDEMOS or the cisdocumentation…

  2. Packaging: You will probably use different web.xml and cisconfig.xml files in your production environment than you use for development. For the web.xml especially security settings are usually considered. For cisconfig.xml trace/debug setting, filemode settings etc. are usually different in the production environment.
    Yes, to package the .war file tools like ant can be used. This has the advantage that you can integrate it into some nightly batch build environments.
    In Eclipse the Export Wizards can also package .war files. A convenient NJX War-file packager/wizard is not yet available but we are discussing this for future versions.

  3. Deployment of .war file. This very much depends on your Application Server. Most Application Servers have own Deployment Tools you can use. Tomcat + JBoss also support a simple “drag&drop” deployment.

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