Natural for AJAX deployment question

Good afternoon,
i have two “natural for ajax” projects in my workspace, the “main” project containing my core application and then i have a “Common” project containing several subprogram for the managing of all the common tasks such as the generic confirm window, the send email module and so on.
When i work locally, i simply refer in the properties of my “main” project to the “common” project and when i run my application all is working fine, the components in “common” projects area correctly loaded.
When i have to deploy all of this stuff into production env, following the procedure i right click on “main” project, i create a wardeploy.xml script and then i build the “main.war” file to be deployd on the web server (Tomcat, by the way)
At runtime on the web server, “main” project work fine until i don’t have to load a component which belong to the “common” project, in that case an error is raised and the component involved is not found.
Please note that the system seems to try to find it into the main project root, but they are not there.
Should the deployer understand that “common” components are to be included into the “main.war” file?
I’m i wrong in something, should be possible to do such a thing?

Thanks and regards
Diego Gazzo
Ignazio Messina & C

How are you packaging ?

The WAR Packager allows you to select multiple projects to be included in the war file.

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