Deployer Project Automator

Hi guys,

Currently I’m investigating the Project Automator feature, which is an XML that defines one Deployer Project.

My problem is that I need to automate the Project Automator export, but there is no command for it according to the Deployer_User_Guide (only through the GUI).

Is there a solution for my problem? Anyone found a workaround for this?

Thanks in advance,
David Cruz

I’d look into the DSP where the “export” button is. It must trigger some URL or submit some HTML form. Just look what fields are passed, then you can call that URL however you like (command line, script).

Another solution would be to find out what service is called on the deployer server when that URL is submitted (there must be some service, probably undocumented), and call that service directly. This should be also easily doable through analyzing the DSP.

I think, in both solutions something like the project name should be passed as a parameter.

Please share your findings with us!

BTW (and out of curiosity): What are you trying to achieve? Why would you want to automatically export projects? To store them in some kind of version control system?