Is there a service within the WmDeployer package that performs the action of the deployer button?

I am looking to perform tests and one of them would create an api to perform the deployment but I am not finding a service within the WmDeployer package that performs the same action as the button in the image . Can someone help me?


Hi Hermes,

as the Deployment itself is performed on the target server, which does not need to be the Deployer host server it is a good idea to check the WmDeployerResource package as well, which is required on all IS server being either source or target of a deployment.


Hi Hermes,

If your intention is to test Deployment of projects, have you considered using Project Automator? More information about it can be available in


Additional place to check:
When it goes to processmodels you will have to check the WmDesigner package.

Depending on the tye of the deployment set there are different services and/or apis involved.

I’m using the Project Automator to create repo-based projects. My issue is I don’t see how to create a new deployment set once the project is created (since our project is constantly creating new packages).
I can re-create a completely new project each time, but that seems silly.
Also, I’d like to be able to deploy only those packages that are new, thus requiring an upload of the deployment set as well.
Any ideas?

Hi Hermes,
you can take a look at deployer deploy command it will do the work of deploy,

Deployer.{sh|bat} --deploy -dc deployment_candidate -project project
-host host -port port -user user_name -pwd password -force
-reportFilePath report_path

hi Jim,

Your problem can be solved if you use some version control system , you uploads your code to VCS , checkout the changed packages to the source directly and create a new build , new deployer project using project automator and deploy using

Complete CI-CD set up is available at

HI Silva,

Deploy buttong internally calls n services with different inputs to perform the deployment. If that is your requirement please let me know…