Automate Deployment

I would like to know if anyone knows if it is possible to automate deployment of webmethod packages to different environments. Currently working as a sysadmin and have been tasked monthly to deploy webmethod packages to test, pre-prod, and production environments. Thank you.

The Deployer can be used for automated deployment. It has a script interface, so after defining projects those can be deployed automatically by command line/Shell script. Since 8.2.2 there is also the asset build envrionment allowing to deploy from a versioning system instead another envrionment directly. Both is documented in the webMethods Deployer User’s Guide.

I appreciate the response but am hoping for an easier solution. I should have been more specific in my original post. I am just looking for an automatic way in which to deploy/enable the webmethods packages. Can this be done using vbscript, batch or any other scripting languages? Thanks.

What ever Martin has suggested is good way for deployment since it helps Admin people to solve service depedencies, roll back, deployment to all envireonments and different IS boxs easly.

There is not best way than use of deployer but still there are lot of option for Deployment in webMethods

  1. Publish-Subscribe method
  2. Export required packages.Place them in inbound realse folder and install them from admin page
  3. There is other method which we suggest not to use is copy the packages to package folder of IS and restart server