Deployer Map - references missing on target server

I’m using webMethods 9.7 and I’m trying to use Deployer for the first time. I have a small project that is three services in a single folder of a package (called ERPOrder). I have included those services in the deployment set, so it shows a partial package (I didn’t include other folders/services that are not being changed). Deployer showed some unresolved dependencies in other packages that I set to “Exists” since they all exist on my target servers.

When I reach the point of building the deployment map, Deployer says there are unresolved references on the target server. The reference it says is missing is the “ERPOrder” package, which I know exists on the target server. The only difference between the source and the target is the new folder that I’m trying to deploy – the rest of the package is the same on both servers. As this is my first try with Deployer, I feel like I’m probably missing something stupid, but I don’t see anything in the documentation that I missed.

Thanks for any help!

EDIT – added some screenshots


can you provide a screenshot of your resolved dependencies screen as well as a package strcuture of the source and target service.


I’m not sure what you meant by package structure, please let me know if you need something different.



Is the map complaining about not find the package you are trying to deploy?

Does it show exactly which service/document it is complaining about (you may have to double-click the package icon)?

Could it be that it is missing one of the services you did not choose to include in the deployment?

But maybe it is only mistaken.
Try deploying the whole package just to be sure.

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please restart both IntegrationServers and try again.

Is there any relevant entry in the server.logs of the affected IntegationServers?

Which Fix for Deployer 9.7 is applied?
Remember that WmDeployerResource package needs to be updated manually after applying the Fix (on both IntegrationServers).

Latest Fix is DEP_9.7_Fix8.


Installing DEP_9.7_Fix8 turned out to be what I needed. Thanks!