Find if the EDI package is enabled and running in Integration Server error

Hello everyone,
I am trying to deploy trading network assets to our development environment via Jenkins.
During deployment building assets and creating a composite file of these assets are working successfully.
but in the deployment stage, I am getting

Error while getting Document Name. Find if the EDI package is enabled and running in Integration Server.

error from Deployer report page
I am also getting this error from a lot of document types but not from all of them

I am using IS &TN 10.3, SQL Server 2019,
I have installed the last fixes.
you can see the errors screenshot and last fixes report in the attachment.

could you help me with this issue?

fixesList.txt (6.9 KB)

Hi Mursel,

for me this looks that you have installed the EDI products on DEV but not on staging.
EDI is not automatically installed when TN is being installed to an IS, but needs to be selected separately.
The other way round TN should be selected automatically when EDI is selected as EDI is aa feature on top of TN B2B solutuion.

Can you check this in the IS Admin under Packages Management, please?


Hi Holger Thank you for your answer

When I check Packages->Management from IS admin page, I see that all EDI packages are Active.

The first time I try to deploy TN entities I see some externalidtype entities and not added.

When I manually add these non-added assets to the database, I see that the document types that were not loaded at first are loaded successfully. But this time some of the partner profiles are mostly “Secondary HTTP delivery data already exists in the database for this partner.” and “Cannot save a PartnerID without a ExternalID.” I’m getting errors.

I see that some tables are locked during deployment and if I don’t kill the process, I get a Ready Timed Out error.

Do you have an idea?

Hi Mursel,

unfortunately I will not be able to help you any further in this case, as I have never worked with EDI here, only with RosettaNet, which is a little bit smaller regarding the amount of doc types we are using.
Additionally we are running on Oracle Database and not on SQL Server.


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