Deployer error during build/rebuild

Our tech person has been looking into the issue below all day and we have to get this resolved, due to a major move tomorrow. Has anyone experienced the below error when attempting to build or rebuild in Deployer? If so, can you please let us know how to resolve? I don’t know where Deployer is looking for this file or if it is saying we’re trying to run something that doesn’t exist.

“Error extracting IS package “Transportation”: [ISS.0026.9201] Unknown service: wm.server.replicator:archivePackage”

Thanks for your help.

This service is part of WmRoot package. Try reloading WmRoot package

I restarted IS but still having this issue. Have anyone come across this? Please share solution. Thanks

fixed it by going to the Servers, IS & TN, page and select the “install” checkbox for each Remote Server listed that can be a “source” for Deployment

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