Deployer Build Error

We’re running IS 8.0.1 and we use deployer to move packages up environments. Today I’m getting the following error and I don’t know what it means. Can anyone help?

This is during the build step and comes from the build report. There’s a bunch of extracts of packages listed and then this and then more extracts.

Streamed File /tmp/3DocRes.dat for the file IntegrationServer/replicate/outbound/4.13.0 N0 Release_4.13.0 N0 in the deployment set {3} not found.

You might have several deployment sets created… Later, for example, if you have deleted some flow service or java service for which the deployment set was already created, the build will not get created…

In your Define page, do you see all your deployment sets in Green tick mark? If not, resolve that which will resolve the build creation problem…


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