Deployer 65 Tool and backward compatibilities

Be aware that we have discovered what appears to be a backward compatibility problem for the Deployer 6.5 Tool with projects that were defined in prior 6.X versions. We also have opened a reference SR 1-59802795.
We have decided to use new 6.5 project defines for all new migrations going forward.

I have seen one issue in the webMethods_Integration_Server_Enhancements_and_Fixes_6.5.htm
like below.Can anyone of you suggest me how can I simulate this issue.

1-V1K2L (IS_6-1_SP1_Fix1, IS_6-1_Fix75)
Record delimiter characters are lost when pub.flatfile:convertToValues service executes.
When the pub.flatfile:convertToValues service writes undefined data to tspace, the record delimiter characters are lost.
Now, the pub.flatfile:convertToValues service preserves record delimiter characters.

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