Deploy environment to AE 9.9 with fix2 and Analytical Engine claims a DB error

I’m hoping someone out there has a sensible suggestion about what might cause the following error
(OPTIMIZE) [Analytic Engine v9.9.0.0.DbMigrationFactory.UnknownKey] 2016-04-04 15:37:57.430 BST ERROR: java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: [SoftwareAG][SQLServer JDBC Driver][SQLServer]Invalid object name ‘INSTALLED_COMPONENT’.

I am running with a 9.9 installation and I have defined my environment with 3 JDBC Pools, the OptimiseDB, the ProcessDB and MWS DB. I have run the DB configurator to make sure the databases are up to date but no avail.

Question: how to unset a DB URL once a deployment has been made successful but the engine fails to start (hence you can’t redeploy to reset)

I have uninstalled the AE and Re-installed to start the engine and i’m now in the process of checking if i have to have everything everywhere in my DBs

Hi Darin,

Please check the following:

Did you apply the following Fixes to MWS and Optimize Installations:

Was the Optimize Fix applied to all installations?
It consists of several parts for different components of the wM suite.

Which version of SQL Server are you using?

Were there any errors during the creation of the database schema?
Did you have a look at the content of the database schema?

The Environment definition resides in the MWS part of the database in the tables whose names start with “CCS_”.


I’m wondering if its because i’ve been a little too quick restarting the AE after deployment.

I can now fire up the AE after deployment providing I have allowed it enough time to assimilate the the deployment, strangely I now get the error:
[SoftwareAG][SQLServer JDBC Driver][SQLServer]Invalid column name ‘START_AT’
on the Integration Servers I’m trying to discover.

I have checked and Migrated with the DBC but nothing comes up

Ignore my START_AT comment. Wrong database doh!

Hi Darin,

please share an overview of your environment config.

Is there an Infrastructure DataCollector available?